माहितीचा अधिकार

माहितीचा अधिकार

 Maharashtra Engineering Training Academy Nashik  
 Email:: metanashik@gmail.com 

According to Central Government's rule No. 5(1) as well as Assistant Information officer of GOM rule NO.5(2), following officers are declared as  Government Information Officer and Appealing Authority for delivering the information requested under Central Govt's information Act rule 2005 and related to META, Nashik.

Asst. Govt Information Officer Govt Information Officer Appealing Authority
Shri Deshpande G. S.
Asst. Director (Administration)
META Nashik-422004

Smt Shabana Razvi,
Assistant Engineer-I
RTC Aurangabad

Mrs Joshi A. A.
Sub-Divisional Engineer,
RTC (Mech) Pune

Shri Vanjalkar A. P.
Sub-Divisional Officer,
RTC Nagpur

Shri A. S. Ahire, 
Dy. Director (Administration)
META Nashik-422004

Shri B. D. Jatale,
Executive Engineer & Principal,
RTC Aurangabad

Shri M. M. More,
Executive Engineer & Principal,
RTC (MEch) Pune

Shri M. D. Damale,
Executive Engineer & Principal,
RTC Nagpur

Shri G. G. Bairagi,
Superintending Engineer &
Vice Principal,
META Nashik

 The responsibilities of the above officers are liable to be assigned to the transferred incumbent personnel if any and these officers are responsible for enforcement of clauses stated in the State & Central Govt's Right to Information rules.

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